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66 Kv Kursus Nr 5

HV Academy

At DELPRO Wind we train our own technicians at our internal training facilities located at our headquarters in Vamdrup, Denmark. The internal training ensures that their knowledge and quality of work is at the highest standard.

Our internal training includes:

  • General wind turbine knowledge
  • Safe working on LV and HV installations according to EN 50110
  • Transformer knowledge
  • TTR test (Transformer Turn Ratio test)
  • Knowledge on CT’s (Current transformers)
  • General Switchgear Design and Single Line Diagrams
  • Switchgear Operations
  • Function and test on protection relays
  • Design of various Cables: Theory XLPE and EPR cables
  • Electrical Field control on XLPE and EPR cables
  • Correct cable handling installation environment bending radius etc.
  • Good Electrical connections correct tooling etc.
  • Knowledge of various cable accessories, different end-terminations T-Connectors, open end, Connex and more
  • Practical training on termination/jointing on both XLPE and EPR cables
  • Performing relay injection test both secondary and primary
  • IR testing (Insulation Resistance) both on cables, transformers and switchgears
  • VLF test (Very Low Frequency test)
  • High Pot Testing on switchgears
  • MOM test (Micro Ohm test)

Our facilities

At our headquarters, we have two different training areas for:

  • Cable training
  • Test on Switchgears and transformer

Certified training

Our internal training is certified by the external certifying body DNV, this ensures that the training is at the highest standard of the industry. DNV re-certify our training once every year to ensure we meet the standard and the constantly changing business.